Relationship Goals! This Couple Realized They Don’t Have To Attend Every Event Together

Major relationship goals were achieved when Kathy Edwards and Howard Murphy, a Brooklyn couple who have been together for just over two years, recently discovered that they don’t have to attend every event they’re invited to together.


“I realized maybe there are some events that Howard shouldn’t be there for,” says Kathy. “Like it wasn’t that chill to invite him to my dental cleaning, my book club or my friend Lydia’s bachelorette party. I just realized he doesn’t have to come to those!”


Yasss king-less queen, way to be in a room without him for the first time since 2017!


Kathy’s friends confirmed that they do not understand why it has taken their friend so long to understand how relationships work.


“I’m glad they’re finally getting some space from one another,” says long-time friend Lydia. “I know he’s your soul mate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go to your office holiday party without him.”


Needless to say, Kathy and Howard’s circles of friends could not be more supportive of their new arrangement.


“Fucking finally,” said Howard’s sister, Stacy. “I love Kathy, but I don’t think I’ve seen Howard alone for thirteen months? I was beginning to think one of them was holding the other hostage.”



The couple agrees it’s an overall positive that they don’t need to worry or feel guilty spending time apart.


“It’s almost like being a functional, fully formed human being includes the ability to go places by myself. It’s so weird and new,” laughs Kathy.


Howard agrees, “I love Kath, but it’s important to remember how to think and speak without relying on her to finish my…”


“Sentences,” responds Kath.


Yuck, haha! Cheers to you two being just a little less awful!