This New Period Tracking App Will Notify You Three Seconds Before You Destroy Your Underwear

Amidst a slew of new period tracking apps, Bleed Tracker is set apart by being able to pinpoint with astonishing accuracy the exact moment your period starts and will notify you precisely three seconds before it completely destroys your underwear.


The app uses natural cues from your body to help you anticipate your period right before it starts.


One user notes, “Other apps can have been several days off, but this one always knows exactly three seconds before I will have my period. Last week, It gave me enough time to say, ‘Oh fuck’ and take two steps toward the bathroom.”



Bleed tracker comes with many extra features for your convenience: Once you’ve already soiled your intimates, the app will send you a reminder to change your tampon, along with a horrifying worst case scenario factoid about Toxic Shock Syndrome that will leave you so scared you’ll consider using pads but then be like, “Nah I’d rather risk it.”


The creators have another app in the works that will tell you when you’re pregnant right around 20 weeks.