This Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend­––Oh Fuck, Summer’s Over?? What Am I Doing With My Life?????

While you may not have as many social engagements to flaunt your finest looks at this upcoming season, that doesn’t mean there’s not a host of new fashions to try out during a foliage-filled stroll through the park or intimate gathering. So if your wardrobe needs a refresh, check out these fall fashion trends that—oh my fuck. Fall. It’s fall?? Summer is over??? Wait, what happened to August??? What the fuck am I doing with my life????


Metallic coating!

Cooler weather means layers, and this autumn we love a piece of reflective outerwear. Whether or not you go for gold, you’ll look like number one in a metallic jacket this fall, which is really just around the corner. It’s basically here. Weird because it was actually last winter that this pandemic started and I was like, okay, my focus is going to be directed on getting through this right now, but then time sort of kept passing and passing and now it’s basically 2021 and I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing with my ever-narrowing time on this earth FUCK. Anyway, shiny jacket!!!


Pretty in plaid.

Whether you’re a student or not, plaid is a back-to-school staple that will always reign supreme in the crisper months. Should I be applying to grad school? That would be a life move, right? I mean, I don’t “want” to go or have any idea what I would go for but maybe I should just pick something and let that be my life path? Is that how you’re supposed to do it? Fuck. I am wearing plaid and yet the last seven months of my life have been a void and also maybe the time before then.



Ruffle some feathers!

I’m not really sure if this is even about ruffles or feathers but I am pretty sure neither one will save us from the impending seasonal depression that is upon us. It was just before summer started like a second ago and I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do for a career. Summer? Do we all remember that? When was I supposed to resume my life? Is it too late now? It feels too late. Ah, fuck. Count me out; I’ll get ‘em in the next one.


No matter your current look, introducing these hot styles to your repertoire might momentarily distract you from the crushing weight of directionless existence, but this article definitely won’t because we had to frame it around the passing of the seasons. God DAMN, ISN’T IT LITERALLY MARCH? NO? IT ISN’T? WHAT AM I DOING???????