5 Doc Marten Looks That Say, ‘I’m Attracted to All Women and Two Men’

side by side of two women modeling doc martens

Doc Martens: the timeless, edgy boots made specifically with bisexuals in mind. These sapphic shoes scream “I love women!” But how do you style them in a way that says, “I like men too, sometimes?” Here are five cute looks to pair with your Docs that’ll attract every gay woman in sight, along with a select few acceptable male suitors.


Doc Martens with Flannel

This classic pairing provides the perfect balance between 90s grunge and modern homoeroticism. If your type is women who breathe, and men who are bass guitarists in a 5-piece garage rock band, this is the look for you. Don’t forget to add some cuffed jeans to really drive your particular brand of bisexuality home!


Doc Martens with a Dress

Looking for something more elegant? A fashionably femme dress says, “I’m not un-attracted to men,” and the absence of heels in exchange for Doc Martens says “…but I definitely have a preference for women.” This versatile look attracts all the ladies, as well as the few gentlemen who only look at you from the knee up.



Doc Martens with a Wide Brimmed Hat

This chic ensemble will have you looking bisexual from head to toe. The wide brim protects you from both the sun and the gazes of the 98% of men you’re not into. You’ll look like a gay Carmen Sandiego, wondering “where in the world is someone who can top me?”


Doc Martens with Big-Ass Pants

Let’s face it. Gay people love big-ass pants. They might as well be a bat signal to every queer woman within a 5-mile radius that you’re gay and available. Feel the wind caress your thighs in some voluminous pantaloons as you imagine a beautiful woman doing the same. Men with a non-existent gaydar will hit on you regardless, and you can take your pick from the lot!


Doc Martens with Lingerie

Anyone can look hot in lingerie, but it takes a true queer queen to rock these bisexual boots in bed! Pair them with fishnet tights for a look that will instantly make every woman gay and in love with you, all while attracting the niche genre of men who are still stuck in their goth phase. Either way, the Docs stay on during sex.


Sometimes you want a man, most times you want a woman, and all times, you’re bisexual. When you come out of the closet, make sure to bring your trusty pair of Doc Martens!