The Best Yoga Poses For Checking Out Everyone Else’s Clothes

Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice that allows you to use your breath to connect your mind and body while looking stylish as fuck. Yoga is an amazing way to connect with yourself, but if you do it right, you can also naturally and peacefully find inspiration in what everyone else is wearing as well. Here are the best poses to check out the class’ cutest garb:


Downward-Facing Dog

This basic pose is an excellent way to check the alignment of your spine while also checking out your neighbor’s leggings behind you. They’re so cute! They have a really pretty and not gaudy swirly pattern in different shades of blue. Ooh! The waistband looks like it’s pretty thick, too. Make a mental note to ask her where she got them as you exhale and step toward the top of your mat.


Lateral Twist

This gentle twist is a great pose for releasing tension in your lower back, and for releasing your gaze towards Om my God, the prettiest tank top you’ve ever seen. What color is that? Is it mauve? Or lavender? What is the difference between those two, actually? Your top is easily the most boring one in this row. Did you even look in a mirror before coming?




This pose is not for beginning yogis or faint-hearted fashionistas! Wheel offers you some great, unobstructed views of the cute capris that the person behind you to the left is wearing. They’re so sharp and so black. Maybe they’re new. Or maybe she has a better detergent than you do. Breathe deeply and visualize how you would look in her capris with mesh panels.



This is another advanced pose for those who love yoga and aren’t afraid of a little neck strain in the name of style research. The girl behind you to your right just threw her warm-up shirt back on, and it’s seriously so cute. It’s really thin and grey and has a lotus flower on the front! Let’s hope she takes it off again and you can stealthily steal it on your way out.


Yoga is a beautiful practice that can be adapted to any lifestyle and any body, and soon you will be the style queen of yoga class. Just wait until all these ladies see you at the Ayurveda workshop next month!