Tammy Commented On Your Long Lunch Like A Trifling Snitch

In recent news out of a coworking space in metro Atlanta, coworker Tammy Lindt had the nerve to comment on your long lunch break like the trifling little snitch she is.


“Woah, you were gone a long time,” said that slimy, brown-nosing wench. “Did you go pick up your lunch on Mars?”


Tammy, who has previously called out James from HR for taking too many creamers from the coffee station, doubled down on her comments after a lackluster response from the kitchen.


“I just thought that our lunch breaks were 30 minutes,” Tammy said, like the sniveling, conniving rat she is. “Was there some kind of rule change that said we could be gone for close to an hour?”


“I must’ve missed that email,” added the fucking narc.


Coworkers are on your side.


“It’s not like we don’t see when Tammy sucks at her job or that she steals people’s lunches from the fridge,” said Kaitlyn Webber, who works in marketing. “We just mind our business. She should take a note.”



“And we’ve all noticed that she and the very married Kevin from marketing take a lot of meetings together, alone,” Kaitlyn added. “So she should start minding her own business very soon.”


“I just feel like we should all play by the rules,” interjected Tammy, her sneaky, tattletale face blushing.