Woman Stays at Target Six Hours Longer Than Initial Estimate

Last week, 41-year-old Greta Holland intended to stay at Target for 20 to 30 minutes just to pick up a few things, but ended up leaving much later than she expected – spending over four hours in the home goods section alone.


“I came in to buy La Croix and some new socks for my son Ethan,” explains Greta. “But did you know that Chrissy Teigen now has a line of cookware at Target? And did you know there’s a sale on rugs right now? That kept me very busy. We were three hours late picking up my son from middle school.”


“But I got a robin’s egg spatula, so…” she added, holding up her new purchase.


Family of Greta admit this is not the first time she’s spent her whole day at the department store.


“I understand the store is big but she manages to make it an all-day affair trip,” says husband Robert Sattle. “When she says shes popping over to Target, I know that means I will pick up Ethan and make dinner. It means she’ll be home just after the store closes. Target is like a spa to her.”


When asked whether she’d trade in a trip to Target for a weekend getaway, Greta shrugged.
“Why would I pay exorbitant amounts of money to go relax when I can just head to the bath section at my local Target and pick up a fresh Yorkshire Home bath towel, some bath bombs, and a variety of healthy and not-so-healthy snacks?” she responded. “That’s what I did today and six hours just flew by. I will admit, though, my initial plan was to just run in and out. Oh well!”


Ethan, Robert and Greta’s son, isn’t as supportive of his mother’s superstore getaways.


“I was in study hall for three hours after school ended today,” says Ethan. “When my dad picked me up he tried to tell me my mom is taking ‘me time’, but how much time do you really need at Target? It’s so boring.”


“Ethan, don’t disrespect your mother,” commanded Robert, upon hearing his son’s remarks about Target.


Greta reportedly left Target an hour before closing, around 11pm.


The employees are impressed by Greta’s stamina but say it’s not unusual.



“A lot of moms hang out here for hours on end,” says Lucy Kraler, the store manager. “You see them humming to themselves in the stationary aisle, or standing in front of a mirror, wondering if a pair of Universal Thread jeans are ‘too young’ for them.”