Study Finds You Could Text Your Ex Right Now

In a new report from Harvard University, researchers have found that you could actually text your ex right now if you really wanted to.


The study comes as a shock to many Americans who had never even thought about that.


“We discovered that anyone who has a phone can simply pick it up and text their ex right now,” Head Researcher Dr. Henrietta K. Gomez confirmed. “We’re not saying that you should do it necessarily, but we are saying that the opportunity is right there if you want to take it. Yes, even the kind of toxic one.”


According to Dr. Gomez, most people have a few exes out there, and if they’re not blocked or have a new number, then literally nothing is stopping you from sending them a cute little random text out of nowhere.


“There are so many texts you could choose to send,” Dr. Gomez told us. “You could say something like ‘hey cutie, what’s new?’ or ‘long time no see’ or ‘hey, how’s your mom doing?’ And we’re not saying that you should send those, but you definitely could!”



Researchers have concluded that this sociological breakthrough could lead to many exes getting back together or painfully rehashing unhealed wounds from their breakup, but who knows!


“I never realized that I could just randomly text my ex,” one participant in the study, 28-year-old Marie Johnson said. “I would literally never do that. But I do have his number, and we still follow each other on Instagram, so if I texted him he might even respond. Wait, should I…? Like, just to see what happens?”


While there are no scientists who actively encourage you texting your ex, there is overwhelming evidence that you absolutely can.


“The point of science is to find out more about the nature of the universe,” Dr. Henrietta Gomez told us. “And one thing we discovered for sure is that you could totally text your ex right this second!”