Sorry If I Seem Out of It! I’m Just a Little Tired of Having No Job, Friends, Or Family

Oh hey! Sorry I forgot my wallet at the coffee counter. I’m such a spaz! I’m just a little out of it today – most likely from having no job, friends, or family and being locked my tiny apartment for most of the day.


You know how it is: Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And you lost your job for a travel company, and most if not all of your friends have left the city entirely and what’s left of your family you’ve been forced to disown due to their dangerous affinity with QAnon? We all have our days!


And we’re all going a little nuts with lockdown and the election these days, right? So I apologize if I was staring off into the distance while you were trying to take my order earlier. I was just thinking of what might happen if the civil war begins.


I guess we all better work on our quarantine bods soon, am I right?!



And if I sounded a little strange for ordering a “double red-eye and a hug” – it was a little joke! Haha! I’m $20,000 in debt and I haven’t touched another human being in months. So if you did give me a hug, I might cry. Haha! That part’s not a joke.


So I appreciate your patience with me, as I’m currently having “one of those days”. It gets the best of us, right? Having no job, friends, family, or savings? Right??


Anyway, I promise I’ll be a little less “out there” as soon as I go for a walk outside. Oh, I already went on my morning walk? Oh boy, sounds like what I really need is a LOBOTOMY, right?? Please, somebody stop the pain!