I’m Sorry I Apologize So Much

White Woman Speaks:

So, bear with me. Hopefully this is a good time for you to read this. But if it’s not, please go ahead and don’t read it. You can totally come back if it’s not. I won’t take long. I just had this realization the other day and wanted to admit it here, if that’s all right. I apologize too much.
And I’m really sorry about that. I should be ashamed of that. There is no excuse for how much I apologize. I don’t want to overstep, but I’m wondering if my friends can ever forgive me for my constant need for forgiveness. Is that way too much to ask? I mean, maybe I should just shut up already. Honestly, I regret even blogging about this now and dragging my friends and family into this public forum for my own personal redemption.

I’m just going to back away now. Sorry to bother you. Damn. I said sorry again. Sorry. Ugh, I’m the worst.