A Skittish Andy Cohen to ‘Watch What Happens’ at the Sochi Olympics

Andy Cohen

Bravo has asked its favorite on-air personality Andy Cohen to take his popular talk show, Watch What Happens Live, on the road to nervously cover the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.
The flamboyant, openly gay Cohen is bringing WWHL to the Olympics in spite of Russia’s law prohibiting propaganda of nontraditional sexual practices among minors. Bravo network execs have assured him that “it will probably be fine.”

Producers are excited to announce that Elton John will join as a special guest on the show.
As national censors will allow Cohen to discuss the hookups, makeups and breakups on the popular reality show, Vanderpump Rules, the increasingly timid Cohen is quietly suggesting that maybe the “Did They Bang?!” segment might not be so interesting to a Russian audience.
In spite of setbacks, the host seems to be steeling himself for a difficult journey: “I’ve got a Valium prescription and a Lady Gaga playlist cued up to calm me before I go on air, and obviously lots and lots of alcohol.”