The Cutest Shoes to Leave by the Door of Francine’s New Apartment

Well, it finally happened: Francine got that promotion and whisked herself off to a new one-bedroom apartment whose floors shall never see the tread of a single sole. And she’s finally getting around to showing off her new doorman by throwing a housewarming party! Knowing Francine, there’s no way she’s going to let anyone wear shoes inside—she loves having weird power over people in socially acceptable ways! Here’s how to still make a splash with your shoes even when they’ll be sitting in a pile by the door all night.


Peep Toe Kitten Heels

These adorable shoes are a subtle, flirty kind of sexy that’s perfect for hanging on one of those little rack things by the door. Francine mostly has ballet flats, so the peep toe will really stand out. People will see them motionless by the door and think, “Wow, I bet the person that owns those recently got a pedicure. Can’t wait to look for her bare feet once I get into Francine’s apartment.”


Fashion High Tops

These are simple, stylish, and super comfortable to walk in—but that last part doesn’t matter, because you’re only going to wear them from the subway to the elevator to Francine’s front door, since Francine’s apartment is some sort of holy site or whatever. These can be placed neatly right by the door, or you can stand one straight up and lay one to the side, like on the cover of those basketball books. Partygoers will notice and think, “Wow, whoever owns these is way more laid-back than Francine!”




Finally, an opportunity to show off the shoes that you love to own and hate to wear! Francine will think that she’s throwing off your look, but the joke’s on her! Just wear TOMs until you get in the elevator, quickly put on your sexy, svelte heels and then take them off again the moment Francine opens the door holding her fourth glass of rosé. Make sure you put them next to some lesser shoes like Kelly’s “I just broke up with Max” flip flops so that you can stand out for like a minute! “Wow, what a vixen,” people will say, “Too bad Francine won’t let her be her badass self!”



These kicks say, “I’m so cool, I wore Converse with my party dress,” without forcing you to deal with how much shorter your legs look when you wear dresses with Converse! They’ll also definitely stand out next to everyone else’s party shoes by the door—it’ll look like one of those motivational school posters where a bunch of fish are swimming one way and a colorful fish is swimming the other way. You couldn’t get THAT image from just wearing the shoes on your feet.


No matter which style you decide to go with, your shoes are sure to rock that first impression that may or may not be attributed to you before you go into a new apartment full of clean floors and exposed feet.