Spacetime Continuum-Shattering Celebrity Hair Transformations

Have you felt a little…off lately? Does it seem like something in the universe has shifted, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? The answer lies in Hollywood—on the heads of these style mavens! From drastic dye jobs to crazy pixie cuts, these celebs had no qualms about shattering the space-time continuum with their dimension-transcending hair updates. Flip through Hollywood’s (and the universe’s) biggest hair transformations before they annihilate our galaxy.




Lauren Conrad

The Hills star goes red! Bye-bye blondie, and bye-bye Earth! LC shocked us all when she debuted the Little Mermaid-esque locks that refreshed her look and ripped a hole in the fabric of existence. The ginger red hue totally wrecked our universe’s order, sending us all into an Armageddon-style scramble to save the planet from exploding into an orgiastic slurry of interstellar destruction. But hey, you can’t blame a girl for wanting to switch things up!




Gigi Hadid

Uhh, what boyfriend? Gigi Hadid made us all forget about her ex, Joe Jonas, when she stepped out with a short haircut so dramatic, a black hole entered our solar system, tearing apart stars like tissue paper and sucking the entirety of creation into its merciless, gaping maw. Wow! While we loved Gigi’s long hair, this chin-grazing bob is literally everything we have left in the metaphysically deranged wake of her fresh ‘do.






We’ve always adored Lorde’s seriously gorgeous curls. But this week, the “Royals” singer debuted a half-updo so straight, it changed the flow of history. Her sleek new style actually transported us all to an alternate Earth where everything is slightly different than before; also this one huge continent disappeared. It was called Landoria but now it’s gone! Très sophistiqué, Lorde! Thanks for shattering reality as we know it!




Kendall Jenner

Kendall worked cotton-candy-colored locks for a Vogue photoshoot. “Pink baby,” she captioned an Instagram photo before NASA began panicking about the increasing surface temperature of the Sun. Talk about HOT! With this look, pretty soon we’ll all be burning alive in a dimension where time is but a single point.




Ariana Grande

Sporting pastel purple tresses, Ariana Grande stepped away from her signature half-up pony—which we love—for what God himself proclaimed “the End of Times”. This might be the pop princess’s most shocking makeover yet! Lilac hair was a major trend this year, but we love the unique Second Coming this one inspired. We were all thrown for a loop when Satan and Jesus Christ joined forces to say, “Shut. It. Down,” before being flung to the far reaches of the multiverse. Want!!!



Get inspired by these major celeb style-switches as we approach the True Year 7068!