At-Home Hair Removal Products for Getting Rid of His Beard While He Sleeps

So your boyfriend decided to grow a beard to express his individuality, just like every other man on the planet. And no matter how hard you insist his beard makes him look indigent, he still won’t shave. Since tweezing is never a good option (plus the pain would probs wake him up), we found the best products to get rid of that beard while he quietly sleeps. Here’s our faves:


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor with Cartridge and Battery Pack ($12.97, Walmart)1. Gillette Razor

You’ve stolen his razor to shave your legs, now steal his razor to shave his face! This razor’s four blades are perfect for getting those pesky unwanted (by you) facial hairs growing out of your boyfriend’s chin. The blades are designed to contour to a man’s face, allowing you to kiss your boyfriend in the morning without the discomfort of beard burn. Gillette—it’s the best a man can get, even if it’s against his will!






Completely Bare Salon Quality Sensitive Areas Wax Kit ($12.99, Ulta)2. Completely Bare

Since waxing removes hair at the root, your boyfriend’s face will remain hair-free for longer. In order for wax to be effective, there has to be a few weeks of hair growth. Which is perfect, because he’s been ignoring your requests for him to shave for months. It’s like he didn’t even read that article you sent him on how food and poop germs fester in beards!








Nair Sprays Away No Touch Spray ($8.49, Rite Aid)3. Nair

Think he might get upset at you for waking him up with the pain of hot wax pulling the glorified scruff he likes to call a beard out of his face? Try this spray-on depilatory instead. The only irritation he’ll feel is when he looks in the mirror in the morning and find all of his “hard work” gone. Bonus—this depilatory doesn’t smell like eggs!






Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision ($300, Tria Laser

This at-home laser system allows you to get the same service you’d get at the spa in the comfort of your boyfriend’s apartment in his bed while you sit quietly hunched over him trying not to wake him. This laser guarantees that the goddamn scruff will never grow back, no matter how badly he wants it to. He might be pissed at you, but just remind him that he’s not Sampson—there’s no power in that beard!





Follow up these at-home hair removal products with an aloe vera gel to soothe his skin so he wakes up feeling fresh and somewhat violated. Congrats, girl!