5 Ways to Incorporate This Picture of Gigi Hadid into Your Wardrobe

Are you looking to rev up your wardrobe this fall? Take it from rags to runway? Well, how about incorporating this picture of Gigi Hadid into your attire? Sometimes the smallest wardrobe tweak can make the biggest impact, and this photograph of a model is sure to give you that model look! Here are five ways to incorporate a picture of Gigi Hadid into your fall wardrobe.


Going-Out Dress + Picture of Gigi Hadid
Now, here’s a look that’ll turn heads. Simply safety pin this image of Gigi Hadid to the front of a lacey red body-con dress and pair with some sparkly pumps. It’s a look that says, “I’m practically a Jenner!” Hey there, sexy lady, did you just step off the runway at Milan Fashion Week or is it just that just picture of Gigi you’re wearing? Va-va-voom!


Gloves + Picture of Gigi Hadid
Step aside pumpkin spice, there’s a new fall flavor in town! The fashion blogs will be abuzz when they notice that you’ve glued 10 tiny copies of this picture of Gigi Hadid to the fingers of your gloves. After all, fashion is in the details! Remember to practice your cool-girl smile and don’t be surprised if you spot your picture in the street style section.



Headband + Picture of Gigi Hadid
Catch the attention of the handsomest man at the party with a high-fashion headband. Stapling this photo of Gigi Hadid to any headband will take your whole look from Podunk to Paris and your hair from “blah” to “a picture of Gigi Hadid”. Hunky McDreamster will be asking, “What is that on your forehead?” in no time.


Sundress + Picture of Gigi Hadid
You won’t be needed this time, Tim Gunn, because girl, you made it work! By pasting a copy of this photo of Gigi Hadid over each boob of this fun and flirty sundress, you elevated your look from “no picture of Gigi Hadid” to “two pictures of Gigi Hadid”. Um, overachiever much? Step aside, Karlie Kloss—there’s some real model material right over here.



Jeans + Picture of Gigi Hadid
Comfy and casual doesn’t have to mean dumpy and dowdy! Not when you incorporate this picture of Gigi Hadid into your outfit, anyway. Simply don your favorite jeans and T-shirt, douse yourself in glue, and roll around in the pile of tiny Gigis like a happy pig in mud. Snap a selfie in this ensemble and start raking in the Insta-likes!


We hope you enjoyed these fall wardrobe tips! Now, let us know in the comments how you’re rocking pictures of Gigi Hadid this season.