Metallic Eyeshadows That Make Your Eyes Look Like Little Doorknobs

It’s 2015 and in the age of selfies, your face has got to be flawless. And what’s more flawless than a shiny new doorknob? These glamorous metallic eyeshadows will give your eyes that fabulous “door knob look” without the trip to Home Depot!


Metallic Eyeshadow in Burnt Sugar by Bobbi Brown

(Bloomingdale’s, $24)



If you like your eyes to have a bit of a rustic feel, then this eyeshadow is for you. The subtle shine will give those peepers a touch of old-world class and make them look like salvaged antique doorknobs from the Victorian era while the brown undertones keep the overall vibe perfectly imperfect. Pro-tip: Use your favorite liquid liner to draw a fleur-de-lis on each of your eyelids. Your face will look like a door from Versailles! Ooh-la-la!



Metallic Eyeshadow in Denim Smokey by Anastasia Beverly Hills

(Macy’s, $12)



This dark blue shade will make your face look like the front door of a haunted house.  Use Denim Smokey on nights when you want your eyes to talk for you; they’ll say, “DO NOT ENTER” and “BEWARE”. Pro-tip: Mix this shadow with ashes (Where’s you get them? You’ll never tell!) to give your lids some depth and achieve maximum spookiness.


Pop Water Full Metal Shadow in Grey Splash by YSL

(Nordstrom, $30)



This eyeshadow will make your eyelids look like doorknobs from the future! It’s chrome-like sheen will create a space age vibe that’s out of this world. Pro-tip: Amp up your futuristic look by dabbing some eyeshadow on the tip of your nose, the apples of your cheeks, and your clavicle. You’ll look like a hot robot!


Dazzleshadow in Say It Isn’t So by MAC Cosmetics

(MAC, $20)



Let your hair down and be the fiery sex kitten doorknob you’ve always wanted to be! This pinkish-gray shadow will make your eyes look like the doorknob to a smoky nightclub. Pro-tip: Bat those doorknob lashes, girlfriend!


Regular eyeshadow is boring. Renovate your door-face and try one of these metallic eyeshadows for eye-knobs that pop!