Gender Bending? Gigi Hadid Put On Zayn’s Sweater Cause She Was Sooo Cold!

Millennials are proving themselves to be the most boundary-pushing generation in every sense of the word: Traditional gender norms no longer hold the same weight for them as they did for those in the past, and gender fluidity can be seen all over the celeb fashion world. For example, this week Gigi Hadid put on Zayn Malik’s sweater cause she was suuuuuper cold.


Can you say “gender revolution?”


Though Malik’s sweater was initially made for boys, Hadid – a girl – did not hesitate to put it on.


“Oh my God, it’s 42 degrees in here. I’m soo cold,” Hadid said before putting on Malik’s plain white sweater.


We’re truly inspired by Hadid’s ability to overstep traditional gender norms by wearing her boyfriend’s sweater when it’s waaay too chilly in here! With the fashion world now ungendered, we have the fearlessness of these two gorgeous, clothes-swapping lovers to thank.


“Womenswear, menswear, who cares?” says Malik. “Gigi wears whatever she wants. Also she can totally wear my sweater when she gets cold.”


Motherfuck us all. It appears that Malik and Hadid have bent the traditional idea of gender so far out of shape the concept has become meaningless. We’re trying to wrap our heads around whether the concept of gender is even relevant to this new generation.


“I don’t really see a line between men’s clothing or women’s clothing,” says Hadid. “I wear whatever feels good to me, and sometimes when it’s super cold I’ll put on Zayn’s sweater.”



Fly us to the moon and back, then pinch us to make sure we’re not dreaming. Hadid and Malik appear to be at the very forefront of a generation that’s grabbing gender by the horns and revolutionizing it. Though Malik’s boy sweater may be baggy on Hadid, she’s not afraid to rock it. Pushing the boundaries of gender barely begins to describe what’s going on here. Our minds are blown and we’re trying to reassemble the scattered brain fragments.


“Sometimes if I’m the one who’s cold, I’ll wear Gigi’s sweater,” says Malik. I don’t care if it’s too tight or cut for women. Either way, it cost $1,300 and looks incredible just hanging from a coat rack, so why would I not?


Please kick us all in the head! Hadid and Malik have embraced the true exact meaning of gender fluidity, and what can we say? We’re inspired!