Proud Boy Sick of All These Mixed Messages

proud boy

Alec Reese, a 26-year-old Proud Boy of Asheville, NC has expressed that he’s growing sick of all these mixed messages from president Donald Trump.


“In a healthy relationship, you want to feel supported 100% of the time,” says Reese. “The whiplash of someone relying so heavily on you, and acting like you’re on the same page and want the same things, then suddenly being all dodgy at a public event? That makes me really insecure.”


Reese reached a breaking point when the man with whom he and all other Proud Boys share mutual respect and admiration instructed them to “stand back and stand by” in regard to violently attacking Black Lives Matter protestors.


“Stand back and stand by?” says Reece. “What the fuck does that mean? On the one hand, it seems like he’s solidifying our role as his white supremacist militia at the ready to do his violent bidding, but on the other hand, no one whose job it is to call that out did, so then I’m like, am I crazy?”


But while this cryptic messaging sent him over the edge, it’s not the first time Reese has questioned the balance of their relationship.


“There have been red flags,” Reese admits. “Like, when we’re alone, he’s a totally different guy. It’s nothing but love, appreciation, and support, and we all know that’s the real him. But then around other people it’s like suddenly he barely even knows us. I just feel like, when are we taking this thing public?”


“Like, for example, we know that white men and Western culture in general are under siege right now, and we could use his help getting that message to a wider audience,” Reese continues. “So then he goes and says that racial sensitivity training is racist, that we have to go back to the core values of this country, and that it’s ‘almost a reversal’, and I’m like, you’re right there, buddy. Spell it out.”



“I’m not asking for skywriting or anything,” Reese adds. “But would it kill him to just tell people how he really feels about us?”


However, not all Proud Boys share Reese’s discontentment over the allegedly uneven relationship.


“Oh, Reese? He’s an idiot,” says Proud Boy Evan Walker. “But he doesn’t need to worry. The rest of us know it’s all going according to plan.”