QUIZ: Are You a Busy Phillips or an Idle Phillips?

With so many inspiring women to model yourself after, it can be hard to know which pop culture and internet sensation you most closely identify with. In these uncertain times, take this quiz to find out if you are the beloved former TV show host, Busy Phillips, or the lazy scourge to society and arch-enemy Idle Phillips:


You just spent all day cleaning, but just realized your kids left a bunch of toys out on the floor. You…

  1. Grab your phone and hop on Instagram to show everyone, in a highly relatable, and in spite of the gorgeousness of your home, strangely endearing way?
  2. You throw yourself on the couch, cursing your children, letting the anger prematurely age you while you completely forget to moisturize.


Oh no! Your TV show gets canceled after only one season! You…

  1. Suck it up and launch a podcast. Keeping busy is important, both figuratively and literally.
  2. Quit the business and post up on your couch for three years, cursing everyone who has ever had success in any form.


You’re doing your daily workout. Where is your phone?

  1. It is BESIDE ME, and I am LIVE ON INSTAGRAM, OBVIOUSLY!! Literally why aren’t you watching right now??
  2. I don’t work out, and even if I did, my phone would be almost dead because I never charge it. You see, that’s just how I am. Fundamentally the opposite of busy.




Mostly 1’s: You’re such a Busy Phillips! Girl, you are such a Busy Phillips! You’ve worked yourself out of being broke in your 20s by being genuine and likeable on social media. And, you just never stop! Keep going, Busy lady!


Mostly 2’s: You’re an Idle Phillips. You are unfortunately the polar opposite of all that is good, Idle Phillips. Idle Phillips is more an idea than a person, yet you somehow fully embody it to the core. We’re not doctors, but just saying, maybe you should look into this?