How to Answer, ‘Where Are You REALLY From?’ When You’re From the Lost Island of Atlantis

 It happens all the time: You’re at an interview, meeting a new person, and the person is totally eyeing your unique skin tone and striking silver hair. You say you’re from New Jersey, which is where you’ve grown up for most of your life, but then the question you’ve been dreading all along is asked: “Okay, but where are you REALLY from?” Here’s how to answer this awkward question when you’re actually from the Lost Island of Atlantis and it’s completely rude of them to assume that.


Give a Half-Answer

For the especially nosy people who want to really, really know where you’re from, you can still keep your underwater island home a secret from the outsiders by giving a half-answer. Examples of this could be, “Oceania,” or, “A really small town,” or “a Small Island in the Pacific Ocean,” We know it may be risky even disclosing that you are from the Pacific, but most of these rude people aren’t actually going to go check, they just want to know why your skin isn’t white.


Evade the Question

There’s no need to answer a question you’ve already answered truthfully, so feel free to evade the question. Say things like, “Oh you know, my parents are from here and there,” or, “Sorry, what was that?” These vague answers will hopefully let the invasive questioner know that you aren’t comfortable with the question, especially because you’re burdened with the secret of being from the secret, Lost Island of Atlantis, once thought to be buried beneath the sea for eternity. Who knows what they’d do with that information? Unfortunately, the type of person that asks, “Where are you REALLY from?” would find a way to turn it against you.


Tell the Truth

If for some reason, the person keeps pressing you, you can always try the counterintuitive tactic: Telling your secret. If they ask, “Where are you really from?” and you smile and say, “Oh, the Lost Island of Atlantis,” they probably won’t believe you (as always, ugh). You can diffuse this situation further by laughing as if this was all a big joke, and not a weird way to ask someone why they look “different” and “possibly glowing”.


Getting asked uncomfortable questions based on your appearance is never fun – especially if you’re from a fabled island mentioned briefly in one of Plato’s minor works. But being tactful in your response will help keep the judgment at bay. And most importantly, your home will be safe from encroaching explorers.