7 New Activewear Brands We Can’t Figure Out How to Take Off

Are you sick of the same old Nike and Lululemon activewear? We can help. Below are some of the hottest up-and-coming activewear brands that are sleeker, sexier, and will be just as hard as your old ones were to get off your body (if not harder). These workout looks are so chic, you’ll probably have to ask someone else to help you get them up-and-back-over your head. We haven’t quite mastered taking these new stylish brands off, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t loving them!



1. Outdoor Voices001

You may have already seen this sleek, strangle-like silhouette on your fashion-forward friend at a SoulCycle class. Why not treat yourself to this line of accidentally permanent fashion? Just make sure you bring at least two friends to any fitness class with you, if you plan on showering after. The brand is simple and as impossibly stylish as it is impossible to peel from your chest.








2. Stone Fox Sweat002

This collection is where fitness meets beach romance! The gorgeous prints and thick jungles of elastic bands will make working out feel like you’ve escaped to a tropical island—one where unfortunately you will die of heat stroke if no one is around to help get these leggings off of you.








3. Public Myth003

This hot Canadian brand has sprung to fame through their social networking prowess. Their stylish line has been promoted by several Instagram fitness influencers who were forced to wear it in more than one yoga selfie when it fused to their skin. If anyone has some scissors, these ladies might need some help.








4. Alala004

This sleekly urban collection fits perfectly, whether you’re at the gym or on the streets desperately trying to appeal to the kindness of strangers when your clothes won’t come off and you start to panic. Metallic fabrics, mesh insets, and posh jackets give you that fabulous look that says you can go straight from the studio to being a sweaty prisoner of your own activewear.






5. Eddie Bauer005

This classic outdoor outfitter isn’t know for women’s activewear, but rather for quilted down jackets, hiking boots, and other items that are easily removed from the human body. That’ll all change once you try on their new active line with a focus on outdoor adventures. You’ll look chic when you’re rock climbing, exploring, or struggling in front of a mirror to peel off a tight and sweaty active fit top. How soon is too soon to call an ambulance?







6. YogaSmoga006

The look and price of this brand is very similar to Lululemon, with a fun and flirty twist—namely, the twist of straps right in the center of our backs, which, while made of post-consumer waste nylon, has the tenacity of an iron cage.






7. Koral007

This is by far the sexiest, edgiest activewear line we have seen, and will make you look like you’re about to walk a runway every time you go for a run—a runway that will never, ever let you go. When you’re wearing Koral, you won’t look like anybody else at the gym. And when you get home, you’ll look like a snake, writhing around in your bed as you desperately try to take this off.







There you have it! All the new activewear brands we can’t take off, because we physically haven’t been able to! Help!