In Follow-Up Interview, Bode Miller Asked How He Would Feel if Wife Died

After receiving criticism for pressing Olympic medalist Bode Miller on his brother’s death, NBC’s Christin Cooper attempted to make amends in a follow-up interview with the skier. As Miller described the joyful moment when he won the bronze medal, Cooper wondered aloud if the medal would have meant more to Miller if his wife had also died this past year.


As Miller began sobbing, his wife, Morgan, whispered, “I’m not going anywhere” before embracing her husband. NBC only briefly cut away from the couple to show a touching photo montage of the couple in happier times.



NBC has responded to criticism with the statement: “Competing in the Olympics is always emotional, and we feel it is our duty to portray every aspect of the competitors’ stories.”


After nearly four minutes of quietly bawling on-air, Miller wiped tears from his face and turned back to Cooper, who then asked if he was at all worried about the safety of his toddler son, who is currently in the custody of his ex-girlfriend.