Immigrant Parents Negotiating With Cashier at Marshalls Again

In a story developing out of your local department store, your immigrant parents are trying to negotiate with the cashier at Marshalls again.


Sources report that this time, it’s about the price of a stray non-stick pan your mom found in the junior’s clothing section. As the cashier rang the pan up, your mom furrowed her brow in a way that indicated that the price is clearly not what was marked on the pan.


“19.99? That can’t be right. I saw a different sticker, can you check?” your mom asserted, as the checkout line began to pile up. “Clearly this pan isn’t worth 20 dollars.”


“Only a fool would pay $19.99 for this!” your mom insisted, forgetting that she had never seen a price for the pan at any point in her shopping experience. “This should be 30% off, just like everything else in the store.”


“You always have to haggle a little,” your father said to you, completely unaware that haggling is not a thing at Marshalls, HomeGoods, or any subsidiary stores in the United States.


“There must be some kind of discount available for this, I mean look at it, it’s definitely got a little dent on the side,” your mom insisted, as you heard audible groans behind you. “And the handle, it doesn’t feel very sturdy.”


After a tense 10-minute haggle that mostly consisted of the cashier saying they don’t really have any sales going on right now, they finally offered your mom 10% off if she opened a Marshall’s card.


“Now that’s how you get a good deal,” she said, after saving two dollars.