Guy Whose Number You Don’t Have Saved Needs You to Know He’s Not Looking For Anything Serious

Kevin, the guy you matched with on Tinder a week ago, wants to make sure you know that he’s not looking for anything serious. Meanwhile, his number isn’t even saved in your phone.


“I didn’t open the text from a 212 number for a while, because I thought it was some city council candidate’s volunteer asking for money in an overfamiliar way,” you said. “But shoutout to Kyle for the clear communication. Kyle is his name, right?”


While it’s possible that he genuinely doesn’t want you to get hurt, sources are wondering why he would have that concern considering that your first conversation started with you saying “wyd tn?” and ended in a drunken hookup where you left soon afterward.


Nine minutes after you didn’t respond, Kevin texted: “I know you’re probably interested in something more, but I’m strictly looking for a friends-with-benefits type situation.”


Sources report that he seems to think that this connection means a lot more to you than it actually does.


“You’re probably already thinking of marriage or whatever, but trust me, you don’t wanna get tied up with me!”



While it’s increasingly evident that he wants something more but desperately wants you to be the first person to be vulnerable, that’s alright because his messed-up personality is really none of your business as long as he’s 6’0 tall.


“I think this dude needs to examine his real feelings, cause he just texted me again to remind me that he has a date with someone else tonight,” you say. “I was like ‘ok kyle???’ and went back to my pedicure. Anyway, I’m gonna go look at Pedro Pascal’s Instagram.”