I’m Just Looking For a Nice Guy Who Doesn’t Lead With That

Even though I’m single, I still very much believe in love. I am eagerly searching for the guy who’s right for me. I’ve dated a lot of jerks in the past, so I’m just looking for a nice guy. But one who doesn’t lead with something like that.


Is that too much to ask? It is? Hm, okay.


Believe it or not, I actually enjoy online dating and seeing how people describe themselves in their Tinder profiles. But whether they’re into camping, or sports, or ballroom dancing, I’m ultimately just hoping to find a really nice guy who doesn’t have to tell me flat-out that he’s a nice guy. I guess you could say that I just want to be able to assume he’s a nice guy and find out more later—but maybe I’m getting a little too old for this and need to start managing my expectations better.


After years of going out with guys who can’t express their feelings, who negged me or ignored my needs, I’m really just looking for the type of guy that can be honest, straightforward and kind, but not the type of kind guy who is like “I am honest and straightforward and kind” directly in his profile because that probably means something is terribly wrong with him.


Literally all I’m looking for is someone who doesn’t need to brag about being nice.



I think that I’m a very nice person. I am a great friend, a loving daughter, and I even enjoy volunteering in my community. But my Tinder profile says “San Diego gal living in New York,” because I just trust that my personality is going to come across, you know? Does anyone know? Guys???


I guess I’m just going to have to meet a lot of guys before I find the one who’s right for me. Until then I’ll be fantasizing about my Prince Charming—a guy who’s pretty nice, but doesn’t need to say it when I tell him to stop texting me because I’m not interested.