Help! Society Turned Me Into An Alpha Woman Unable to Love Sexist Men

I’ve always been incredibly driven. I worked hard to graduate summa cum laude from an Ivy League school, built my resume with a series of competitive internships, and networked aggressively until I rose to the top of an otherwise all-male team at a top ad agency. Even as a woman, I could achieve all of this.


But I’ve become such an alpha woman, and now I’m unable to love sexist men who think I belong at home. Help!


Before realizing I could take control of my life and my career, I used to be able to love men who feared powerful women. But now I have a hard time even being attracted to the men I used to be able to love, like my last boyfriend who couldn’t get an erection for weeks after he found out I made more money than him. Now I’m trapped in this lonely, isolated tower of self-worth and earnings potential, devoid of any ability to love men who think I’m undeserving of my success. This isn’t the future my mother told me about!


Many men needed to perceive me as weaker in order to want me—and now my cold, successful and satisfied heart can’t even bring myself to love someone who thinks I should be more ‘yielding’ toward him. I can’t help it – society has turned me into a monster!



I used to believe a woman should have two jobs: Her actual job, and pleasing her husband no matter what. For example, if she’s naturally competitive, she should tuck that away. Or if she’s a leader, she should just stop being that. It could make her husband’s dick get sad, and then what would he use to not give her an orgasm? But everything changed as I got older, and it has only gotten harder for me to try and love someone who “doesn’t do oral.”


I guess our progressive society has turned me into a stone-hearted bitch.


I thought feminism would free me, but all it did was rip out the part of me that used to feel desire for backward-thinking, insecure men who seek to control me in order to feel powerful. In other words, it’s made me completely unable to love bad men. Will I ever be able to go back to my old ways?


I’m asking for your help, because I fear the answer is no!