Men Name Their Favorite Part of a Woman They Feel Entitled To


Your body is beautiful, and there for the enjoyment of men. But what body part do men love most? These men tell us their favorite part of a woman that they feel 100% entitled to grab and gawk at!



“I’m a total ass man! When I’m at a club and I see a fat jiggling behind dancing in front of me, I can’t help myself, even though I absolutely could help myself if I had an ounce of respect for women. But sometimes in a crowded room, I’ll grind up against her. Come on! She’s beautiful and I’m only human!” – Derek, 21



“Guys talk about the tits-to-ass ratio when describing their perfect woman, and it’s their right! For me it’s about the nostril-to-bridge-of-nose ratio. My coworker’s N:B ratio is a wet dream—literally. I like to play a little game of ‘got your nose’ because she’s cute and I’ve earned it!” – Nick, 22



“They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I agree. There’s nothing I love more than a girl with nice pair of transparent corneas. Why else would I sit and listen to her problems other than to get my finger wet with her moist round eyeball?” – Jared, 32



The Space Between the Ear Lobe and the Neck

“A lot of girls don’t think this area is important and have really sloppy looking spaces between the ear and the neck. If you’re going to put your hair up in a ponytail and I am forced to stare at it, which I have every right to do so, damn girl make sure that shit is groomed!” – Anthony, 35



“Look if I’m lying in bed with a girl and she doesn’t let me squeeze her firm, perky femur, I’m calling an Uber. I don’t lay in bed with a girl for warmth. I have a heater for that. Bones out or get out!” – Ben, 37


The female anatomy is the spice of a man’s life. They are completely entitled to get a sliver of that spice! Here’s to celebrating that good old-fashioned male entitlement!