Cold Woman Regrets Removing Arm Hair

At approximately 5:30 p.m. on Friday, 25-year-old Shaina Matthews went to a bar outside with her friend. After immediately getting super cold, she realized that maybe she shouldn’t have waxed her arms two days prior after all.


“I always hated how much arm hair I had, until now, when I actually realized the point of having it in the first place,” Shaina told us. “Now I’m so cold! And I wish I had some fuzz on my arms to keep me warm.”


The jury is still out on the fact of whether or not her arm hair would have actually kept her warm on this night out, but Shaina stands firm in her argument.


“It seems like I really can’t win,” Shaina explained. “Like either I have arm hair that I hate looking at, or I almost get hypothermia. There has to be a better way.”


While we are pretty sure that Shaina was not getting close to getting hypothermia, her point still stands: She could put on a jacket.


“I honestly think she’s really brave,” Shaina’s friend, Claire, told us. “She knew it was gonna get colder out this weekend and she still waxed her arms anyway. That’s so inspiring!”


But Shaina, shivering in her seat, has to disagree.


“I just really wish I didn’t wax my arms,” Shaina explains. “I could have at least waited a couple more days, or maybe just worn a sweater or something? Either way, I’m filled with regret.”


We hope that Shaina’s arm hair grows back quickly, but until then we suggest that she maybe brings a sweatshirt or cardigan with her in the near future.