Woman About to Sing Karaoke Song She’s Been Practicing for 27 Years

Ever since she was eight years old, Yvonne Matthews has been practicing her performance of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ to one day sing at karaoke in her adulthood, and after 27 years of privately practicing alone in her room, she finally got the chance to do it.


At around 11 p.m. at a karaoke bar with friends, Yvonne walked to the front of the room and selected the classic song. She had practically been waiting her whole life for this moment.


Witnesses described her karaoke performance as “eager” and “a little over-rehearsed,” especially since she brought a baton to spin around during the bridge of the song.


“I wanted it to be something to remember,” Yvonne told us. “This wasn’t just any normal drunk karaoke song.”



Yvonne was right about that ­– it definitely wasn’t, especially since she had been secretly replacing her vodka shots with water the whole night in order to be prepared for her turn on stage.


“There’s a lot of unseen prep that goes into this sort of thing,” Yvonne said. “Of course, I’ve rehearsed for almost three decades, but visualization is just as important. That’s why I’ve also put in the hours listening to ‘Vogue’ with headphones and picturing myself performing it to a stunned, captivated, and adoring karaoke crowd. Professional athletes do this, you should look it up.”


We were able to get comments from other sources at the scene as well.


“She fluctuated keys so much,” Yvonne’s friend, Karl, told us. “But I think it was actually really intentional? Like she was trying to show us her entire range.”


Kat, another friend of Yvonne’s, chimed in stating, “I thought it was pretty good! Especially at the end when she started breakdancing.”


By the end of her time on stage, Yvonne was proud of herself, but she still felt like she could do more.


“Next time I do it, I’m gonna make sure that I bring the sparklers. I have no idea how I forgot those at home.”


Sounds dangerous, but we wish her luck!