5 Milestones in Your Life That Will Never Live up to Celebrity Life Events

Let’s face it: as exciting as your major life accomplishments are, they’ll never live up to those of your favorite celebs. Whether it’s in their careers or personal lives, celebrities will always do it better. Here are the life events that you’ll never enjoy as much as a famous person:


Getting Your First Big Break

Landing your dream career after years of study and hard work is immensely rewarding. But it’s nothing like Scarlett Johannson landing her role in Lost in Translation or Jennifer Lawrence’s breakout performance in Winter’s Bone. You may be a force in your industry, but the applause pales in comparison to that of a hot, young actress who is more interesting than you.


Getting Married

Uniting with the love of your life is a feat to cherished and honored. But for many “regular” women, even college BFF’s can’t be bothered to attend the event. Celebrities are a different story: television news outlets interrupted their regular programming to cover Jennifer Anniston’s wedding to Brad Pitt. Her dress made headlines. Even her divorce was happier than yours because at least everyone cares.



Having a Baby

Looking into your baby’s eyes is literally the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman – but you’ll never get to relive that joy on talk show after talk show like Kanye and Kim. Remember: your baby will never, ever bring smiles to the faces of millions of adoring fans.


Winning Awards

You might be the best in your field but you’ll never be treated like Meryl Streep. Even Nobel prizes are forgotten within a year or so. You may have received a Fulbright Scholarship, but the goofy absentmindedness of a celebrity drunkenly accepting a statuette lives on forever and ever in people’s hearts and minds.



Sure, you’re family will be sad, but mostly they’ll just wonder what they’ll be receiving for inheritance. Unlike a star like Elizabeth Taylor, you won’t be leaving them any valuable trinkets. And unless you’ve got great cheekbones, they probably don’t even like the genes you left them with.


Life is a spectacular adventure of ups and downs. Your peak experiences however, won’t even come close to even the lowest valleys of fame.