Rock the ‘I’m Not Wearing a Bra’ Look with These Bras

You’re not comfortable enough with your body to actually go braless, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get that sexy, carefree look with these bras! Play it safe with one of these fashionable bras guaranteed to make it look like you’re going commando up top without all the mess of actually hanging loose.


Stripe Heathered Bralette (Forever 21, $7.90)1 stripe heather bralette

The suggestion of nipples is one of the key elements of the “no bra” look. The misplaced seams that, for some reason, stop right in the middle of your mammaries make it constantly look as if your nipples could cut glass. Is it cold in here, or are you just #nobraonfleek?








Gilligan & O’Malley Women’s Bralette (Target, $9.99)2 target seamless bralette

This adult training bra is perfect for the fashionista who’s trying to achieve the “shapeless” shape. Because this bra fits tightly against your chest, it squashes your boobs in, making it look as if you have yet to reach puberty. Leave everyone wondering if the reason why you’re not wearing a bra is because you’re too flat to even need one!









Le Grind Glissnet Bra (American Apparel, $20)3 american apparel bralette

We love this soft bra, because not only does it not look like you’re wearing a bra, it also feels like you’re not wearing a bra, too! The comfortable fit will make you feel just as swingy and uncomfortable as if you opted to go au naturel. Since there’s virtually no function to this bra as all, it’s basically just an extra piece of fabric between you and your shirt. How fun is that?







Out from Under Basic Cross Back Triangle Bra (Urban Outfitters, $16)4 urban outfitters bralette

The point of a bra is to lift and support your breasts, but honestly that’s just a suggestion. This bra does the opposite of that and instead sags and squashes. Somehow your boobs look more draggly than if you had just not worn a bra at all? Even though your knockers look uneven and squishy, at least you won’t be rocking visible straps! What a laid-back vibe you’re bringing!







There you have it: a list of bras that look like you’re not wearing a bra. Just because you really do need to wear a bra doesn’t mean you can’t look like you don’t!