Trendy Overalls That Will Have Him Saying, ‘Seriously, Erin?’

It’s 2016, and overalls are BACK! Time to get your 90s throwback on, no matter how much it will confuse your boyfriend. We’ve rounded up some cute body bibs that you can rock confidently in spite of your man’s complete embarrassment.


Cheap Monday Slim Fit Overall (Urban Outfitters, $115)

Say, “I don’t care if I look like a child. I do what I want, Craig!” by donning these slim-fit black overalls. These throwbacks feature added stretch to contour your bod but have the classic apron next and buckle straps that your boyfriend can’t believe a grown woman wants to wear. Perfect!


Bullhead Denim Co. Overtint Surplice Overalls (PacSun, $39.99)

These versatile overalls are as must-have as the argument you’re about to get into with Craig when he sees you wearing them to dinner with his sister. Featuring a criss-cross, low-front bib they are fashionable and comfy, and honestly Craig still has those horrible sweats from his high school lacrosse team so he has no room to talk right now. Do you, girl!


Washed Denim Overall (Free People, $98)

These skinny, five-pocket overalls feature a distressed wash that matches the stress level of your boyfriend now that you’re rocking overalls regularly. With adjustable criss-cross straps, these cute bibs bring to mind TGIF, 90s R&B, and all of the reasons you should never ask Craig for his opinion on your outfit. Whatever!



CAMO Skirt Overall (, $98)

If Craig keeps whining that you “never wear anything but overalls anymore,” surprise him by telling him you got a new skirt. When you traipse out in this cotton twill skirt overall, it’ll solicit a “Seriously, Erin?!?!” heard round the world. Lol, Craig. You have no input here.


Vero Moda Denim Overalls (ASOS, $46)

Spice up your now-overall-only wardrobe with these patch pocket, open-back overalls. They come in a classic blue, which was Craig’s favorite color before he realized it would be showcased in overall-form every day of his life. Pair with a babydoll top to complete the look and make Craig truly second-guess your relationship. At this point your just wearing these to piss him off and it feels so good!


No matter what kind of overalls you choose, you can be sure that you’re crushing the 90s trend and also your boyfriends hopes that you’ll ever wear normal jeans again.