Sexy Shower Shoes for Squelching Past Your Crush in the Hall

College is a great place for learning new things, meeting guys, and avoiding communicable diseases in a coed dorm—all at the same time! Attract your college crush who’s currently giggling with his buddies in the hall and prevent foot fungus with these fun, noisy shower shoes to squelch right by!


Jams World

Jams World® Women’s Flip Flop Sandals (Target, $30)

Bling bling! You’re sure to turn heads as you slip and slide and smershhh through the flickering fluorescent glow of your dorm’s hallway. Nothing weird going on here! Plus, you won’t have to worry so much about what that beige stuff all over the shower is. It’s no match for these shower shoes!




AquaFlops Shower Shoes (Bed Bath & Beyond, $7.99)

Like the pink of these flip-flops, you are squelching hot. These shoes will make a statement as you shyly slop your way back from the communal shower, and that statement will be a kind of a series of wet squeaks. Give the floor a stilted half-smile as you walk past your crush’s open door—he’ll know it’s for him! Who said dorm life had to be weird?



Slim Animal

Slim Animal Flip-Flop (Victoria’s Secret, $28)

If college guys love anything, it’s animal prints and feet that aren’t riddled by disease. Dress to impress as you squelch across the floor to the bathroom that you and Hot Jeremy are forced to share, but don’t think about what he might have done in there.




Bigtop (Rocket Dog, $39.95)

These platform flip-flops serve two important purposes: capturing the attention of the guys playing MarioKart in the common room, and elevating you above the grime of the bathroom floor. Your crush will get a load of these flashy kicks and think, “Now there’s a girl who takes precaution.” Sexy!





Faux Leather

Faux Leather Gladiator Sandals (Forever 21, $34.90)

Will these shoes make shaving your legs a more gymnastic achievement than usual? Definitely. Will the faux leather withstand a daily dousing in water and shampoo? Probably not. But these sandals are sure to get you noticed, as well as prevent your toes from accidentally grazing the clogged shower drain. Pair it with a towel turban to show him how you’d rock his world!



Walter Drake

WalterDrake SM Mesh Shower Slippers Womens (Walmart, $11.99)

You’re not like other girls, and Marques in 4B can hopefully dig that.



At first, you might miss the old days when you could shower without having to worry about boys or fungal growths. But you’ll be able to let your guard down when you have an in-dorm boyfriend locked down, and that’s what this is all about!