Rap About Overcoming Enormous Hardship Perfect for Peloton Playlist

In a story from your at-home workout, your Peloton instructor has chosen DNA by Kendrick Lamar for their class playlist, a perfect pump-up song, even though it’s partially about overcoming enormous hardship in the rapper’s uniquely difficult life.


When you sat on your Peloton this morning, you needed a song that was fast-paced but also motivating enough for you to keep pedaling, which is why it was so perfect that the instructor chose a song with lyrics like, “I know murder, conviction, burners, boosters, burglars, ballers, dead, redemption, scholars, fathers dead with kids and I wish I was fed forgiveness.”


To be fair, the subject matter is way heavier than what you’re doing right now, but it sure keeps you pedaling.


Sources report that the lyrics have nothing to do with you exercising on a stationary bike in your condo, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s still super motivating.


“Nothing gets me into the exercising spirit like a rap song that’s about making it out of the most difficult circumstances,” you said. “Because it’s like, if they can get through that, then I can definitely work out for 45 minutes on my $2,000 exercise bike.”


Reportedly your pedaling has never been stronger, despite you listening to Kendrick Lamar say, “When I was 9, on cell, motel, we didn’t have nowhere to stay,” which is pretty serious and unrelated to your lived experience.


“That part is sad,” you said, “but after that he’s like ‘at 29, I’ve done so well, hit cartwheel in my estate’, which is really inspiring, and now I’m like third on the leaderboard!”


The song goes even deeper into the rapper’s success against all odds, which is also inspiring for you, even though you’re not even that successful.



“There’s this part where he goes ‘Sippin’ from a Grammy and walkin’ in the buildin’, diamond in the ceilin’, marble on the floors, beach inside the window, peekin’ out the window, baby in the pool, godfather goals,’” you told us. “And I love that part because it really makes me feel like a baller, even though the most expensive thing I own is probably this bike.”


The instructor also chose the perfect cool-down song, Juicy by Notorious B.I.G.