Woman’s 23andme Results Confirm Family Legend of Thot Ancestry

Leah Brunell always knew there was something special about the women in her family. The 26-year-old grad student had heard rumors from her mother about urges to go braless in church and her grandmother’s wartime escapades with sailors.


“I always felt I was drawn to being a thot,” Leah said.  “I felt like it was coming from a deeper place, and now I know why.”


She sure does! Leah was curious about her family history and turned to 23andme to fill in the gaps.


“It was right there: 19% thot.” Leah explained, “I’ve never been prouder.”


Leah discovered her thot ancestry came from deep mitochondrial DNA, a set of genes that are passed down maternally. When she revealed the news to her mother, 59-year-old Stella Brunell tearfully opened up to her daughter.


“I once did four priests in the back of a Staples and grandma went to town on a lifeboat full of Marines,” the elder Brunell told her daughter.  “I should have known it was in our blood to lock down dick at every opportunity.”


The discovery has prompted Leah to reassess her life and affirm her Thot legacy.


“It’s my culture, my ancestry, and my history,” she said. “I’m proud to be descended from a long line of thots.”


Leah is using her newfound identity to inspire other thots to learn more about their hoe-ritage by starting a student club, though she has yet to find a faculty sponsor.


“All of our DNA tells a story, mine just happens to be hoeing,” Leah said. “I guess this is why I run so warm; I always thought it was because I’m Eastern European.”



In the meantime, Leah is continuing her personal journey as a modern thot emboldened by the generations of loose women behind her.


“Now when I eat a hot dog slowly in public while making eye contact with men, I’m not just doing it for me, but for every thot who came before me and dared to be that hoe over there.”