QUIZ: Are They Flirting or is it Just Tax Software Asking if You’re Single?

The subtle signs of flirtation can be hard to recognize. Some people are naturally sweet, inquisitive, and personable, so how can you tell if they’re really interested in you versus just interested in making sure you choose the right tax filing status? Take this quiz to find out once and for all if they’re flirting or it’s just tax software asking if you’re single.


When you’re with them, do you have their full attention?

  1. Yes. They’re very present and engaged and make me feel like there’s nowhere they’d rather be.
  2. Yes. They’re basically obsessed with me and want to know every detail of my life and earnings.


Have they tried to determine your relationship status?

  1. They haven’t come right out and asked, but they’ve definitely dropped hints.
  2. They very directly asked if I’m single, married, widowed, or a head of household.


Do they ever get shy or nervous around you?

  1. Sometimes they blush or fumble their words; it’s sweet.
  2. Definitely not, but I sometimes get nervous around them because I think I’m going to accidentally break the law somehow.


Do they give you butterflies?

  1. Yes :-)
  2. It’s more like anxiety diarrhea, but I guess.




Mostly 1s: It sounds like they might be flirting! If you’re into it, be clear with your intentions, and one day you two might end up filing jointly and qualifying for more tax breaks!

Mostly 2s: So this is just your tax software asking if you’re single in order to accurately file your taxes. But to be fair, it, like, is pretty flirty. We say shoot your shot!