How To Make The Most Of The Gap Between When He Interrupted You And When He Remembered What He Was Going To Say

You’re a busy woman; your schedule is overflowing with dance classes, conference calls, and lunches with Sally. You need to make the most of your time, particularly the gap of time taken up by men in your life who have interrupted you only to space out about what they had wanted to say. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can maximize the time when he’s trying to remember what was important enough to talk over you for.


Organize your sock drawer.

He’ll be muttering, “Wait, what was I going to say?” for a few minutes, which is all the time you need to keep your house in order. You have to wait for this important man to find his train of thought, so why not take this conversational void as an opportunity to organize and match up your socks?


Do squats.

Depending on how long it takes him to remember what had to be said immediately, you can give your ass a moderate to thorough workout. He’ll respect the results, even if he doesn’t respect you enough to let you finish your sentences.


Make a pasta salad for the coming week’s lunches.

He might start to show frustration about his failing memory; take this opportunity to escape and make a delicious pesto pasta salad that will last you a week, all for under $10!



Memorize an inspirational poem.

While he’s repeating the same syllable over and over again, gearing up for his big revelation, you can remind yourself that you took the road less travelled by and memorize an inspirational poem. Don’t let him waste your time as much as you were clearly wasting his!


Color-code your calendar.

You’re not allowed to speak right now, so grab your highlighters and your calendar! Code your events so you can distinguish your work meetings from your social events. Do this while he drifts into silence, which is apparently preferable to you talking while he’s still thinking.


You did it! You’ve maximized the time in which you have not been allowed to speak! But it’s not like you were about to say anything all that special anyway, right?