Romantic First Date Ideas That—Actually, Sure, Just Coffee is Fine

A first date sets the tone of the relationship, so don’t settle for anything less than fireworks. You‘re going for romance and want to spice things up! You met him on Tinder are willing to put in the work to have a good first date unless, okay, coffee is fine.


Take a Dancing Lesson

Let your bodies do the talking by taking a spicy tango lesson. You can look into his eyes as he moves you around the dance floor and wonder what other moves are in store for you! On a second thought, dancing is basically just a dressed-up form of physical exercise and it would be pretty hard to bail in the middle. It seems like such a commitment to go out dancing so sure why not just look into his eyes while you sit on your ass at a cafe.


Take a Wine Tasting

“Getting drinks” is so casual, so why put a refined twist on an old classic with a wine tasting! Hold hands as you stroll through a picturesque vineyard and exchange kisses as smooth as a pinot noir. Then again, people do casual dates for a reason, and frankly, Jake D. doesn’t seem all that exciting. It’s probably better to get to know each other in a more low-key setting. How about grabbing a latte at the coffeehouse that won’t have a free table to sit at, so that you have to awkwardly hover and chit-chat for 20 minutes?


Go Ice Skating

Melt his heart by going for a romantic couple’s skate. You’ll want to freeze time as he wraps his hands around your waist to keep you from falling on the ice. Then finish it off by warming up over hot chocolate…or actually, no they have hot chocolate at Starbucks plus it’s easier for you to leave if he’s weird.



See an Outdoor Movie

Snuggle up to your sweetie as you watch Casablanca under the stars. Let a blanket hide whatever your hands are doing while you “forget” to watch the movie. But also two hours is a long time to be stuck with a new date and it can be expensive, so just spend $2.50 on an iced instead. It’s better this way. Really, it is.


Remember, you can still find love when you’re smushed in between a writer working on screenplay and a college freshman studying for midterms. Whatever you do, you probably won’t have a second date.