Romantic Date Ideas For Your Friends In Healthy Relationships

Trapped in the same old date night routine? Maybe that’s because you’re in an unhealthy relationship pattern, and this is just one of many signals that you two either need to reflect or simply call things off. No romantic dates for you! But for your friends in healthy relationships, we’ve got a few fantastic date night ideas, so pass these along!


Hiking Trip Without A Long, Heavy Silence

Imagine leaving behind the woes of city life, strapping on a pair of hiking boots, and spending the day convening in nature with your one true love. Well, imagine your friends Kat and Mike doing it, cause if you and your sweetie went for a hike, he would walk 20 feet ahead of you the whole time and you would be so consumed by anxiety that you wouldn’t even enjoy the beautiful scenery or relaxing sounds of nature. But for your friends in healthy relationships, this could be a fun one!


Skate Night Without Misplaced Competitiveness  

Hit the rink! No, not you. Your friends! Your friends with joyful partners will make this activity a romantic night out because skating is an awesome way to bond with a significant other who makes any activity fun. Your partner would make this weirdly competitive and nobody wants to see blood on the rink tonight.



Dance Class Where He Isn’t Randomly Mad At You

Your significant other doesn’t like to dance; he’s made that very clear. But you don’t like hockey, and you’ve been to four games already this year. So suggest a dance date to a pal whose boyfriend isn’t so goddamned stubborn! Dance classes are a great way to bring couples together, both physically and emotionally. For you two, this one would be a disaster. You’d call out the fact that he seemed mad, he would get mad at the accusation, and then you’d both leave early. Don’t even try this one.


Outdoor Movie But Without Crying

Cuddling up under the stars is the ideal way to spend a summer night with your sweetheart—if you’re in a functional, mutually supportive relationship. For you two, even the experience of packing up the picnic would be fraught with tension: Imagine how much work you’d put into picking out his favorite foods, and he wouldn’t even notice, and you’d sit there brooding for the rest of the night. Anyway, your friends with respectful partners would love this change of pace. Remind them not to forget the bug spray!


Overall, remember that if you’re looking to switch it up with your honey, you can’t. A fun night out isn’t going to change the issues, so pass these on to your friends in happy, healthy relationships. And if you’re looking to ditch the same tired date night pattern, there’s definitely hope! Just remember that these activities are also decently fun alone.