QUIZ: Why Did You Open Instagram Again?

You needed to find something on Instagram but now you’ve been scrolling for 20 minutes and ended up clicking on a targeted ad that promised to give you clear skin. But wait, what was the whole reason you got on here again? Take the quiz below to find out!


Were you trying to show someone something?

1. Nope. It’s just me.

2. Yeah, but now we’re just looking through Miss Piggy’s Instagram together.


Was it maybe about a celebrity, or someone you know personally?

1. Nah, that’s not it.

2. Possibly… but I can’t remember anyone’s name right now because I’m watching reels about being a foreign exchange student in Germany for some reason?


A restaurant, maybe?

1. Definitely not.

2. Hm, I am pretty hungry right now. I’m just gonna open up Yelp instead.



Could it be a funny video?

1. No, that’s what TikTok is for.

2. Oh yeah… let me just look up “#funny” real quick.


Okay… How about a news story, or an infographic?

1. I don’t need any more information! I’m already overwhelmed with the poll on my friend’s story about what haircut she should get!

2. Maybe! I guess I’ll just go through all the stories on my feed?




Mostly 1s: We’re sorry, but there’s no hope for you. The best thing you can do right now is put your phone down and do something productive for once. Sorry!

Mostly 2s: You had something in mind, but it won’t come back while you’re lost in the app. Close out. You’ll remember again in five minutes and start the whole process over again.