QUIZ: Should You Go to a Bachelorette Party Weekend or Buy a Home?

Being part of a bachelorette weekend is a great honor, but it’s also fucking expensive. The role of bridesmaid is not something you should commit to lightly, so before you say “I do” to helping your dear friend say “I do,” make sure you’ve weighed all your options and settled on what’s best for you. Take this quiz to find out if you should go to a bachelorette party weekend or buy a home instead!


How close of a friend is she?

  1. The closest! Hannah and I grew up on the same street, went to the same high school, and promised we’d be each other’s bridesmaids when we were nine!
  2. We’re pretty close, but we’d be closer if I had a three bedroom that she could hang out in on the weekends.


What will the bachelorette party entail?

  1. She went with a Mama Mia theme, so it’ll be a delightful weekend in Mykonos at this adorable little bed and breakfast! We’ll probably go out each night, eating delicious food and sharing stories we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. Nothing like revelry among friends!
  2. Not sure, but with flights and hotels and food, it’s going to add up to about 6% of the typical home price 45 minutes outside of Santa Barbara. We’re talking down payment money.


What are your long-term life goals?

  1. I want to form meaningful, lasting friendships to cherish for as long as I live. Yes, I have career and lifestyle goals, but the thing that matters to me above all else is curating loving relationships. Why be alive if not to give and receive love?
  2. Would love to have a house.


Are you the Maid of Honor?

  1. Yes! Can you believe it?
  2. No, so like…how badly does she really want me there, you know? Just saying.


How much money do you currently have in your bank account?

  1. Millions! Billions, even! Who’s to say? Enough money that I can do whatever I want … forever!
  2. Exactly $150,000.




Mostly 1s: Go to the bachelorette party weekend! You’re a great friend and an even better travel buddy – it also doesn’t hurt that you’re made of money. Congrats!

Mostly 2s: Okay, listen. If you say you got the invite too late to make it work, there’s still time to throw together a down payment on a house, and with interest rates where they are right now, you’ll be able to pay off your mortgage in no time! I’m sure your friend will understand when she comes back from her stupid little wedding to find that you’re a full-fledged homeowner. Huzzah!