QUIZ: Is the Account With No Profile Picture Commenting ‘Very Beautiful’ on All of Your Photos a Bot, a Creep, or Your Grandma?

We’ve all been there: an anonymous, profile-picture-less account keeps commenting things like ”Very Beautiful” on all of your pictures, and you’re left thinking, “Who the hell is this person?” Take this quiz to find out, once and for all: Is the nameless, faceless account commenting vague compliments on all of your photos a bot, a creep, or your dear, sweet grandmother?


How long have they been doing this?

  1. Not too long. The comments really picked up after I interacted with a link advertising heavily discounted Ray-Bans.
  2. Ever since I made my account public a few months ago.
  3. Pretty much since I first made an account! It’s weird because I pretty much only let my friends and family follow me at that point.


Have they posted any pictures on their account?

  1. No, none at all. Their profile is completely blank and their account name is just a random assortment of numbers.
  2. A lot of torso pictures. A lot.
  3. A good amount. A few of them are even pictures of me and my siblings with the caption, “My angels.” Creepy, right?


Do their comments feel formulaic and repetitive?

  1. Yes, super.
  2. No, they have left a stunning array of lightly lewd comments on my photos. They honestly have a very strong command of the English language and use it both colorfully and liberally.
  3. Super formulaic. It’s either the “Very Beautiful” thing or “I love my grandkids.” Which is like, okay? Good for you, I guess?


Do they interact with you outside of commenting weird, offbeat, lightly sexual comments on your photos?

  1. No, it’s just the comments.
  2. They send me pictures sometimes, too. I haven’t viewed any of them because I’m afraid of what I might see.
  3. They also send me pictures sometimes. I accidentally opened one, and it was just a blurry picture of a brownie recipe. What do you think that means?




Mostly 1s: This is definitely a bot. You really need to get better at recognizing these on your own. It’s embarrassing.

Mostly 2s: This is a huge creep, we’re not sure why you haven’t blocked them yet, but you should do so as soon as possible.

Mostly 3s: This is probably your grandma, but there’s really no way to know for sure. Better block them, too, just to be safe.