QUIZ: Are You White Enough to Make Your Instagram Captions About Witches or Pizza?

Are you about to post a photo to Instagram? Good for you, girl! But hold on: How are you supposed to know if you are enough of a white girl to make your caption about something like pizza or witches? Take this quiz to find out if you’re white enough to caption your sweet pic with one of the two most important pieces of white girl culture!


What’s your ethnic background?

  1. Non-white.
  2. I’m Irish, English, Dutch, French, and a tiiiiny bit Native American! But I don’t really pay attention to that, I like to consider myself part of the only race that matters: the human race.


What’s your favorite food?

  1. I’ll eat pretty much anything!
  2. I’m kinda picky! Nothing too spicy or weird. I guess I like pizza the most? So random, I know!!!


Which character from Sex and the City do you identify with the most?

  1. I’ve never seen the show, and I’m pretty sure they’re all white.
  2. I’m a total Samantha, except when I’m on my period when I become a Carrie. But like, who doesn’t?! This show is my life and entire personality.


What are you planning on being for Halloween?

  1. Oof, I don’t know, haven’t thought about it really!
  2. Okay soooo a couple of my girlfriends and I are either gonna be the witches from The Craft or the witches from Hocus Pocus….these films were instrumental in my youth.


Why aren’t you eating gluten?

  1. Because my body is incapable of digesting and if I eat it, I have severe intestinal upset.
  2. One of my friends told me that her nutritionist sent out a sample of her blood to this company that specializes in telling you how to eat specifically and intentionally for your body, and one of the things she has had to cut out is gluten and we’re, like, more than friends we’re basically sisters so I figured that it would probably apply to me too! I feel so much younger!



Which one of your friends has the best country home?

  1. ….What?
  2. Ugh, that’s tricky! I think it’s a tie between Ashley M. and Ashley C. One’s in the Berkshires and one’s in the Poconos, but they both have in-ground pools and heated floors in the bathroom…so I dunno!!



Mostly A’s – Darn! Unfortunately you are not white enough to make your captions about pizza or witches. You’ll have to think of new, original caption that’s actually interesting, or post with the coolest power move of all: no caption.


Mostly B’s – Congrats! You’re exactly the type of white girl we’re talking about! You are welcome to can make all your captions about being a witch or loving pizza! And if you get bored of these options, you can always branch out to writing about snacks or a cute pun about tacos!