‘Just Wear It Curly,’ Says Dumbass Straight-Haired Friend  

During a recent evening spent getting ready for a night out, straight-haired dumbass Kira Waugh suggested that her friend, naturally curly-haired Ginny Preston “just wear her hair curly.”


“She said it so matter-of-factly, as if it’s the easiest thing in the world to do,” said Ginny of her dumbass friend. “That’s when I realized she has absolutely no idea how much work goes into making my curly hair look presentable.”


Ginny continued to express her frustration over her idiot friend.


“I’ve witnessed Kira’s morning hair routine. She wakes up, brushes it out, and she’s good to go,” Ginny said. “Meanwhile, if I wanna wear my hair curly, I have to check the weather, prepare the night before, pick the right product, shower at the correct time, and dry it exactly right, and say a short prayer before I leave the house.”


Kira, an absolute dumbass shithead, defended herself.


“I just think Ginny’s hair is so beautiful,” said Kira, with her stupid voice. “I don’t understand why she would find my suggestion that she wear it curly so offensive.”


“She should own her natural beauty!” added the absolutely clueless jackass.



But Ginny is still seething.


“Kira acts like I step out of the shower with a flawless, effortless Lion Babe mane and not a dilapidated Shih Tzu on my head,” Ginny said. “So yeah, I guess I am a little peeved that someone who barely has to touch their hair for it to be considered presentable would have the audacity to suggest that I just wear it curly.”


“Honestly, what an asshole,” she correctly added.