This Ex Wants to Catch Up Even Though Last Time You Spoke He Called You a Hateful Bitch

Adding a twist to this crazy roller coaster we call life, your ex-boyfriend wants to grab coffee and see how things are going with you, even though last time you spoke he called you a “truly hateful bitch”.


The request came after four months of silence following the breakup fight during which he said horrifically mean and unforgettable things about you and your relationship.


“At first I thought it had to be a mistake,” you said. “I mean, the last time we spoke he told me our relationship took years off his life and that because of me he no longer believes in the goodness of people.”


She added, “But now it seems like he wants to drink a latte with me or something?”


While you were simply bewildered by Jack’s sudden about-face, your friends were gravely concerned.


“I don’t like this at all,” said your best friend Denia. “Jack blew up at you and left things on terrible terms. Now out of the blue he just wants to chat and catch up? I suspect he’s going to call you a black-hearted she-devil again.”


When reached for comment, Jack defended the innocence of his request.


“I know I told you that you’re incapable of really loving anyone, and that I thought you’d be a bad mom,” Jack reminded you. “But I’m sure you’re not still holding on to that – I mean that would be sort of petty. Anyway, let’s maybe do lunch?”


Though your friends and family are urging you to ignore Jack’s request, you are tempted to see where the reconnection takes you.



“Maybe he just wants to apologize,” you said. “He’s probably realized that he said really hurtful things, and that those comments came from a place of sadness over our relationship ending but that he still respects me as a person and values our history.”


Jack, however, was quick to correct this interpretation of his text.


“I just want her to know I got a promotion and have a really hot girlfriend now,” Jack said. “I have to tell her in person because she blocked me on Instagram after I called her a psychotic freak who’s boring in bed.”