‘The Republicans Are The Party That Freed The Slaves,’ Says White Supremacist

During a recent political discussion at a bar, Jason Harvey made sure to remind everyone involved of the Republican party’s role in abolishing slavery, an interesting point to be made by a man who proudly identifies as both a Republican and a white supremacist.


“The Republicans are the party that freed the slaves,” said Jason, a Republican who definitely would not have done the same during that time.


Jason, ignoring both the major ideological shift that occurred between the parties in the 1960s and 70s and the fact that he views black people as inferior beings, went on to explain his point.


“Democrats are the real racists. They love to talk about social justice, but you didn’t hear them preaching for equal rights when it came time to abolish slavery,” he said. “It’s time that Black people realize that Republicans are the ones who are really looking out for their best interests.”


“He’s not only wrong, he’s being pretty hypocritical,” said Charlie Hernandez, a Latino bargoer. “How is he touting that the political party he belongs to is the real anti-racist one when he is an open white supremacist?”


“He told me that Republicans are the ones who truly respect Black people,” added Kenneth Jackson, a Black patron. “But in the same breath, he also said that Democrats are taking advantage of my race’s ‘genetic disposition toward laziness’, and that’s why they back welfare policies. So I’m not taking him too seriously because nothing he’s saying makes any sense.”



But Jason is firm in his ridiculous beliefs.


“All I’m saying is that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, and he signed the emancipation proclamation,” said Jason. “And while I personally think this country would be better off if he hadn’t, the point still stands that Republicans have always been the ones looking out for black people.”


“The GOP is the party of equal rights for Blacks,” he added, incorrectly. “More than Obama, that’s for sure.”