‘I Don’t Want to be Blamed for Something White People Did 200 Years Ago,’ Says Man Who Voted for Donald Trump

During a recent rant, 33-year-old Peter Rotterman told friends he doesn’t want to be blamed for the slavery and white supremacy white people instituted centuries ago, despite his blind support for the president, who is ensuring that system is maintained today.


“I don’t wanna be blamed for something white people did 200 years ago,” said Peter, who voted for Donald Trump and plans to vote for him in 2020. “People need to let these things go and focus on the now.”


“White people today can’t be at fault for the actions of our ancestors,” added Peter, who boycotted Nike after seeing their Colin Kaepernick campaign. “I’ve never owned any slaves or been racist toward anyone, and I don’t know anyone who has.”


“I’d never support any type of discrimination in this country,” he added, days after chanting “BUILD A WALL” at the television after watching FOX news. “I don’t even see color.”


Peter’s peers can see the irony in his pontification.


“I think he’s missing the obvious,” said Helen Sperry, Peter’s coworker. “You don’t have to own slaves to be racist. I’m white, and even I can see that.”


“Also, literally nobody is blaming any white person today for the existence of slavery,” she added. “It’s just one of those things that people say to feel like victims.”



But Peter doesn’t see things that way.


“I didn’t have anything to do with the racism that white people supported hundreds of years ago,” he said, eerily foreshadowing the type of thing that future white people will be saying about people like him. “So why should I feel guilty all the time for something that people did so long ago?”


“Black people need stop blaming white folks and take responsibility for their own lives,” Peter added as he was preparing his midterm early voting ballot. “It’s not like stuff that happened that long ago has any kind of consequences today. We’re all equal now.”