QUIZ: Are You Close Friends or Do You Hug Every Time You See Each Other?

Wondering if your close friend considers you a close friend, too? How can you tell if they see you as an intimate confidant or just an arms-length acquaintance? If only there were a clear and immediate way to know for certain! Take this quiz to find out if you’re actually close friends or if you hug every time you see each other, so no.


Can you readily recall the last time you touched?

  1. For sure! Every time we hang out, we hug hello and goodbye, so I guess it’s safe to say we touch all the time.
  2. What? Ew. I mean, sure, the last time we hung out we went on a 12-hour stake-out mission to find the guy who was mean to her in high school and egg his house, but I don’t think we touched at all. So no, no idea.


If your friend hugged you tomorrow, how would you respond?

  1. That would be pretty par for the course, so I don’t think I’d respond out of the ordinary. I love hugging my BFF!
  2. I probably wouldn’t know what to do with my hands, and then I’d ask if she was dying or something.


When it’s your friend’s birthday, is it easy for you to find a photo of the two of you together?

  1. Yes! We take plenty of photos together where we are clearly hugging, which is a sign of how close we are.
  2. Huh, good question. It’s impossible. I feel like I spend every day with her, but we have one singular photo together, in which we both appear extremely angry and are more than an arms-length apart. Would kill for her, though!


Would you say you guys mostly speak positively of other people when you’re together?

  1. Yeah! Gossiping is rude, and we’re both extremely positive people who find no use in negative talk.
  2. Did Mark put you up to this? Because I’m not fucking snitching. Everything we said is confidential. Gossip is a useful tool to undermine the oppressor.




Mostly 1s: We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you guys don’t seem super close. Are you friends? Sure! Does this person value your friendship? Probably! Should you expect a wedding invite? All love – no. But don’t worry! We’re sure one day you’ll find a person you never hug but would die for.

Mostly 2s: Yeah, you’re close friends. Not that anyone should make a big deal about it or anything.