How to Weaponize Your Instagram Close Friends List

Instagram stories are a great way to stay connected with everyone’s day-to-day lives, but the creation of the “close friends list” has given us the opportunity to use this feature for evil. If you’ve ever wondered how to create absolute chaos within your social media accounts, here’s how to turn your Instagram close friends list into the destructive, toxic hellscape of your dreams.


Post something that’s only meant for one person.

One of the most devious and popular ways to weaponize your close friends story is to post something that’s only meant for one person to see. This could be a classic thirst trap, your plans for the weekend, or even an emotional breakdown that you specifically want that person to reach out to you. Remember that everyone else will still see this, so don’t forget to post a follow-up like “oops :) that was supposed to be a DM!” Psychotic!!


Talk shit about someone who’s not on the list.

Another great way to wreak havoc is to post a video of you talking major shit about someone who’s not on the list. Everyone loves to hear about interpersonal drama, which is why this will certainly be a hit for your close friends audience, while still being an extremely toxic way to shit talk someone. That bitch Hannah had it coming!


Kick someone off the list, then make a post about it as a warning to the others.

One of the most savage ways to weaponize your close friends list is to first remove someone off of said list, then immediately let everyone else on the list know why you did this. There are lots of reasons why you might remove someone from your close friends list; maybe you just grew apart, or maybe the person in question wore the same sweater as you the very next day after you did. Either way, you should let your other close friends know. This way, you’ll keep the rest of your list on their toes, always slightly stressed when they see that green circle around your story, but too scared and intrigued not to click. Yes, close friendship!!



Constantly reference your close friends’ posts on main.

If things aren’t fucked up enough on the inside, try to make the outside jealous. By coyly referencing what they’re missing (is it a thirst trap? A murder confession?), they’ll be fucking chomping at the bit to join this absolutely toxic cabal of so-called “friends”. If that isn’t goals, what is???


So if you’re looking for some creative ways to weaponize your close friends list, try any one of the tips listed above. You’ll have everyone guessing what’s wrong with you in no time!