QUIZ: Was That Movie Actually Good, or Did You Just Eat a Really Good Soup Beforehand?

Some soups are really good, and some movies are also really good, but how do you tell which of these two made you have such a great experience? If you just ate a really good soup and then watched a good movie afterwards, take the quiz below to find out if you really watched a cinematic masterpiece, or you just ate a really good soup beforehand!


What did you think of the plot of the movie?

  1. It was really well developed and kept me engaged the whole way through.
  2. I’m not really sure what happened because I was thinking about how well sweet potato pairs with zucchini in a nice vegetable broth, but it seemed good!


How good was the soup you just ate?

  1. It was pretty good.
  2. I’ve never been happier about a liquid meal in my entire life.


What was your favorite part of the movie?

  1. Definitely the ending! It was so smart, unexpected, and tied up the themes of the film perfectly.
  2. The beginning of the movie was great! I could still sort of taste the soup I just ate.


What did you do after the movie?

  1. I rated it on letterboxd and gave it five stars!
  2. I ate more soup.




Mostly 1’s: Congrats! Not only did you eat a good soup, but the movie you watched also sounds great! Maybe your soup could’ve been better though, since you actually remember what happened in the movie you just watched.


Mostly 2’s: Sounds like you just ate a really good soup, which is awesome.! But maybe you should watch that movie again to figure out if you actually liked it, or if you were just riding off the high of enjoying a delicious soup supper. Either way, sounds nice!